Dr. Scott Atlas “Saved the World – A Hero for the Ages” During COVID Crisis Against Dr. Birx and the Deep State (VIDEO)

Jeffrey Tucker, President of the Brownstone Institute was on the War Room this morning.  He discussed his analysis of Dr. Birx’s book “Silent Invasion” and highlighted the work of Dr. Scott Atlas who he now claims saved the world!

Jack Posobiec was in the War Room this morning filling in for Steve Bannon who was sitting in show trial.  Jack interviewed Jeffrey Tucker from the Brownstone Institute.  The Gateway Pundit discussed Tucker’s analysis of Dr. Birx of COVID fame’s recent book “Silent Invasion.”

Based on what Tucker shared, the book is aptly named not for COVID but for the Deep State including players like Dr. Birx who usurped control from President Trump in another silent and deadly coup.

“A How-To Guide in Subverting a Democratic Superpower from Within” – Reviews of Dr. Birx’ Book Reveal Her Deceiving Ways and Incompetence in the White House

Tucker discusses much of Dr. Birx and her dishonest and potentially criminal actions and her arch enemy Dr. Scott Atlas who many agree saved the world.

Tucker: You had essentially the entire Administrative state.  So the entire NIH, and CDC and Department of Health and Human Services, and the entire beaurocratic was entirely organized against Trump who, I’m sorry to say it, and you felt this too because you were watching this very carefully at the time.

He was President in name only.  Right?  They were glad to have him on the campaign trail and announcing this and that, but there was a huge operation to disable his capacity to govern from March all the way to the election.  And he began to sniff this out too because he began to try to hire certain employees in the CDC and open things up and get some rationale thinking, especially because Scott Atlas showed up.

Posobiec: The villian of the book.  Her antagonist, Scott Atlas.

Tucker: Well let me tell you.  That man saved the world as far as I’m concerned.  What he did was brave and bold.   I mean how many of us have walked into the belly of the beast and just told them what we really think about everything.  I mean that’s exactly what Scott Atlas did so she had to kill him.  And she’s still trying to kill him but actually her book inadvertantly makes him a great hero for the ages and reveals herself to be a [villian].

This was a short but great summary of Dr. Birx and the Deep State.


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