CONFIRMED: Paul Pelosi Jr. Traveled with Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Her Recent Trip to Asia

It’s official – TGP has confirmed that corrupt Speaker Nancy Pelosi brought with her on her trip to Asia, her son Paul Pelosi. 

On Saturday morning TGP reported that Nancy Pelosi may have traveled to Taiwan and other Asian companies to increase her family fortune.  We also reported that Pelosi may have brought her son with her.

EXCLUSIVE: Did Nancy Pelosi Travel to Taiwan to Increase Her Family Fortune? It Appears Her Son Paul Was With Her in Asia

We have confirmed that Pelosi’s son, Paul Pelosi, Jr., was with her on this trip.  We used AI to confirm that it was indeed Paul Pelosi that was with corrupt and ‘Crazy Nancy’ Pelosi on her trip.

XRvision started with a picture of Paul Pelosi from December 2012.  This picture was then compared to the pictures of the gentleman who was spotted with Speaker Pelosi on her trip.  Paul Pelosi was identified with Nancy in Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Paul Pelosi was even wearing a tie that he was seen wearing on Ukrainian TV in 2017.  The Pelosis appear to be as corrupt as the Bidens and Clintons and as involved in business around the globe as these other corrupt Democrat families.  These crime families hated President Trump.

Yep, that was Paul Pelosi Jr., Crazy Nancy’s son who was with her on her trip abroad.  We can confirm it.

Now it is time for Americans to find out what Nancy and her son were doing in Asia.  Was Paul there to cover the family business?

How dangerous for Pelosi to risk WWIII in an effort to make millions for her family.  Pelosi actually gave China an excuse to do something terrible by her actions.  We need leaders that work for us not politicians who use their positions to rake in millions. 

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