Green energy auction 2nd round to put 3,600 MW up for bid

THE Department of Energy (DoE) will offer 20-year supply contracts for the 3,600 megawatts (MW) on offer in the second round of the green energy auction program (GEAP) in June, according to the terms of reference (ToR) issued by the DoE on Tuesday.

The 20 years will run from the start of commercial operation of the renewable energy (RE) project.

Ground-mounted solar projects will account for the 2,025 MW of the auction; onshore wind 1,200 MW; roof-mounted solar 235 MW; and biomass 140 MW.

For 2025, the installation target is also 3,600 MW, with ground-mounted solar accounting for 2,140 MW; onshore wind 1,170 MW; roof-mounted solar 260 MW; and biomass 30 MW.

For 2026, the installation target is 4,400 MW, consisting of 2,550 MW in capacity for ground-mounted solar, 1,350-MW onshore wind; 300-MW floating solar; 110-MW roof-mounted solar; 30-MW waste-to-energy; and 10-MW biomass.

“Qualified suppliers intending to participate in this auction round are expected to register with the DoE in accordance with the applicable ToR by submitting complete requirements,” the DoE said.

The GEAP aims to promote RE as a major source of energy via the competitive selection of RE output.

The DoE said the GEAP will help the government reach its target of 35% RE share by 2030 and 50% by 2050.

Natural gas facilities accounted for the biggest share of committed projects, or those that have secured funding, in Luzon for the 2023-2027 period.

As of Feb. 28, the DoE said natural gas facilities accounted for 3,500 MW; followed by coal-fired plants with 3,280.40 MW; solar 2,432.88 MW; energy storage systems 1,504 MW; wind 260 MW; hydro 146.87 MW; geothermal 66 MW; oil 11.04 MW and biomass 8.60 MW. — Ashley Erika O. Jose