Small town voters feel the economy under Biden is ‘in a shambles’

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Voters are telling Fox News that their top issue (38%) heading into the 2024 election is the economy. And while pocketbook politics has always topped the polls, now majorities are saying groceries (87%), gas (85%), and utilities (81%) are a problem for their families. 

‘The biggest concern I’m hearing from my clients is that they feel like they’re making good money, but they don’t have anything to show for it,’ financial coach Keina Newell shared; Her company Wealth Over Now works with middle class Americans focusing on practical budgeting solutions.  

Fox News spoke to small town voters like Florida pastor and outlet store manager Steve Redman who says, ‘The economy is in my estimation; It’s in a shambles.’ He’s worried about the financial future for his adult children, ‘Them trying to make ends meet. You know, that would be the struggle,’ and he’s not alone. ‘What scares me is to think of my daughter and my grandchild… If I wasn’t here to help give my son a place right now. He would not be able to, he would be homeless,’ Alabama grandma Jessica McCabe shared.

Twenty-seven percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy. Redman is among those who blame the president’s energy policies for the crushing prices at the pump, he says that even church attendance has been impacted as members choose between filling the pews and filling their tank. 

When asked what he is looking for on Wednesday’s GOP debate stage, Redman said he’s looking for a businessman not a politician ‘it needs to be somebody that knows how to fix the economy, …somebody that can walk in and say, hey, you know what? You know, let’s work on this thing together.’ 

Meanwhile McCabe says all of Washington is out of touch, ‘This isn’t a Republican problem or Democratic problem. This is a problem with our government that’s lost touch with the American people. And they need to actually sit down and talk to us and see what are our problems.’ 

Newell advises her clients to ignore political ebbs and ‘put your oxygen mask on first’ by knowing your own financial situation, ‘because knowing your numbers is going to help you make the decisions that I think are going to help you feel safe.’

This post appeared first on FOX NEWS