Biden ripped Obama as having ‘no grace’ in 2010 email after Hunter suggested plagiarism

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Then-Vice President Joe Biden slammed President Obama as having ‘no grace’ after Hunter Biden suggested the president plagiarized his father’s speeches, according to 2010 emails from Hunter’s laptop.

On Sept. 7, 2010, one day after Obama gave a pro-union speech at Laborfest in Milwaukee, Hunter quoted the president in an email to his dad’s personal account, auks@att.blackberry.net.

‘Interesting language from the President: ‘They (his grandparent) would tell me about seeing their fathers or uncles losing their jobs…how it wasn’t just a loss of a paycheck that stung. It was the blow to their dignity, their sense of self worth,’’ Hunter wrote. 

‘Wonder where he got that from?’ Hunter asked. ‘Im surprised he didn’t finish with the long walk up a short flight of stairs. Pretty amazing.’

‘No grace,’ Biden responded to his son.

Hunter was apparently suggesting Obama ripped off language from Biden’s 2008 campaign speeches, when the then-senator repeatedly talked about the effect losing a job can have on a family.

‘That’s how you come to believe, to the very core of your being, that work is more than a paycheck,’ Biden said in his August 2008 speech accepting the Democratic vice-presidential nomination. ‘It’s dignity. It’s respect.’

Biden later talked about the ‘long walk’ during a November 2008 speech in Missouri.

‘You know, when a job is lost or a house is foreclosed on, it’s not just an economic loss, it’s emotionally devastating for a family,’ he said at the time. ‘It’s about a parent having to make that long walk up a short flight of stairs, like my dad did when I was 10 years old, and walk into the child’s bedroom and say, honey, I’m sorry — I’m sorry but Daddy lost his job or Mommy lost her job.’

Biden’s bristling at Obama’s speech is particularly noteworthy because his first failed presidential campaign in 1988 collapsed under the weight of plagiarism allegations. He also plagiarized a paper during his first year at Syracuse University College of Law by using ‘five pages of a published law review article without quotation or citation,’ according to the dean.

Biden’s personal email address, auks@att.blackberry.net, is one of many used by the then-vice president to communicate with family, and it appears in multiple email exchanges on Hunter’s abandoned laptop, Marco Polo first revealed in its extensive report last year.

The Auks are the mascot of Archmere Academy, where Biden and his son attended high school.

Fox News Digital reported Monday that Casey Owens, who is Biden’s niece and Hunter’s cousin, was serving as a special assistant for the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue at the U.S. Treasury Department when she emailed the ‘auks’ account on May 10, 2011 to praise Biden for his remarks to the opening session of the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue.

‘Uncle Joe,’ Owens wrote. ‘Just got home from work and couldn’t wait to send you an email. Today was truly a memorable day for me.’

The ‘auks’ account later forwarded Owens’ email to Hunter, Biden’s since-deceased son Beau, and Biden’s sister Valerie.

Another email from the ‘auks’ account to Hunter was signed ‘Love Dad’ on June 14, 2011.

‘Don’t be angry but I stole her for dinner and the night I’ll get her to work on time Call me Love Dad,’ Biden wrote, referring to Hunter’s eldest daughter, Naomi.

The White House, Obama’s office and Hunter’s lawyer did not respond to Fox News’ requests for comment.

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