I’m a pro-life Democrat who presents a big dilemma for my party in 2024

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In 2021, A.J. Oliver, a devoted New Jersey Democrat, decided to run for Morris County commissioner in a historically Republican stronghold, displaying an unwavering commitment to his party that would likely result in electoral defeat.

However, his willingness to challenge party lines on one issue — abortion rights — drew swift backlash: he was unendorsed by a progressive group, and the Morris County Democratic Committee demanded his resignation as chair of the Morristown Democratic Committee.

As we stand on the precipice of the 2024 presidential election, Oliver’s experience serves as a poignant reminder of the Achilles’ heel within the Democratic Party — we spend too much time punishing perceived heretics within our ranks and not enough time cultivating potential allies and seeking converts.

Despite our party’s long-standing commitment to diversity, tolerance, and inclusivity, we often fall short of achieving these ideals, especially when it comes to pro-life Democrats. This internal discord not only harms the 21 million pro-life Democrats in the United States but also threatens our party’s electoral prospects in 2024 and beyond.

Recent polling data has sounded alarm bells within the Democratic circles, suggesting that President Joe Biden may be trailing behind potential Republican contenders, including former President Donald Trump.

A Donald Trump victory in 2024 would be destructive to our nation, and Democrats need every voter on God’s green earth to win this election — including those who disagree with its leadership on abortion rights.

The ominous resurgence of Donald Trump as the front-runner for the 2024 Republican nomination cannot be ignored. His divisive brand of populist conservatism remains deeply entrenched in the Republican base, and Trump’s stranglehold on the media’s attention is unmistakable.

A Donald Trump victory in 2024 would be destructive to our nation, and Democrats need every voter on God’s green earth to win this election — including those who disagree with its leadership on abortion rights.

These early polling numbers should serve as a wake-up call to Democrats. Winning in 2024 will be no easy task, and relying solely on our traditional strongholds won’t do the trick. This election isn’t 2020, and Biden’s fledgling support among black and brown voters is particularly disturbing.

To secure victory, Democrats must expand our coalition and engage with these populations who are more reticent to the pro-abortion rhetoric that has dominated Democratic politics for the past fifteen years.

This is particularly true after the 2022 Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade. In this post-Roe America, where abortion is a matter for the people and their elected state representatives, Democrats must reevaluate their approach to pro-life voters. One’s stance on abortion should not serve as a litmus test that isolates a substantial portion of our base.

Abortion without limits is a deeply unpopular policy, and it shouldn’t be the unspoken requirement of every Democrat running for office — whether it be for county commissioner or president of the United States.

Joe Biden said it well in 2015 — there is plenty of room for pro-lifers in the Democratic Party. The party he leads into the 2024 election must uphold that ideal.

A party that does so will not only win the presidency but also regain its former stronghold in numerous parts of the country where it has seen a significant decline in political influence since 2008 — including Florida, Iowa, Ohio, and West Virginia.

A party that refuses to do so is a party without a future.

It’s important to remember fascism didn’t rise in Europe in the 1930s because it was strong, but because party-based democracy was weak.

The only way the Democratic Party can defeat fascism today is by the wide participation of our people in democracy’s most sacred act.

So if our president and his Party want to defeat fascism in 2024, the decision is simple — choose life and send Donald Trump into the ash heap of history once and for all.


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